Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tuck me in, tuck me in!

I've done a pretty good job of not getting ill on this trip, partly down to not getting inebriated every day of the week. That is, until we arrived in Vancouver or Vancouvah as we now know it thanks to the 5 Aussie lads we shared the bar and room with these last 3 days. I'd love to tell you all how we've explored the city and done all these awesome things but I'd be lying because with the exception of the hours spent drinking copious amounts of beer, I've been in bed hungover.
You probably think I'm going to tell you how disappointed in ourselves we are but that would be another lie 'cause we're feeling pr-etty smug right now after keeping up with 5 aussie lads for 3 days.

Seriously what a laugh though. Cambie Gastown Hostel might not be a palace but it's got a crackin' bar and even better poutine. Thanks to Benjo's "mumsy" for sending money for 3 mammoth plates of poutine and the beer pitcher tab.

"Tuck me in, tuck me in!"

But with the lads now gone, it's back to finding a job and an apartment. Booooo! I've been sat here for 3 hours trying to find the strength to write this resume and it's nearly. Done. I'm going to go and have my Heinz beans on toast now before my forehead abuses the keyboard.

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