Friday, 12 October 2012

Dixie dreamin'

This week we made the best decision of our travels, to catch a 20 hour long Greyhound bus to Charleston. It was probably the worst travelling I've ever done, we thought because it was an overnight bus that we would be able to sleep and the length of the journey would ensure we would be the only ones stupid enough to do it. Funnily enough we were wrong. Reeally wrong. We also never looked at the schedule details so we didn't realise until we were in Columbia that we had a 5 hour stopover in a room which they've tried to pass off as a station.
We arrived in Charleston to everything we'd expected it to be. Palm trees, chevrolets, sun, and the accents. Aah the accents. We spent the whole week walking around, or cycling, catching the free trolleys up and down downtown, and the nights spent with beer on our balcony as the sun set and the temperature dropped. We've both loved everywhere we've been but there's something about Charleston that feels comfortable and homely, I can't explain it, I'm just completely in love with the place.
Tonight we leave to fly back to Canada where we will stay until next year. We land in Calgary where it's already winter weather. I don't think we'll see summer nights like these summer nights for a very very long time, bro.

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