Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Elephant in the Room

I woke up this morning feeling pretty sober as I looked in the mirror and seen an almost offensively large piece of metal clinging onto my face. Paula watched me silently for a moment obviously scared to address the situation until she was given some sort of cue. My cue went something like "HOLY f*ck, what the hell have I done to my face" and was met with raucous laughter followed by "nobody's gonna marry you now". Charming. I don't really believe in karma but...her ear started to bleed. Just sayin'.
I feel like I should be listening to the Stones or The Cure or something but I think I'm gonna tear up some stereotypes and listen to One Direction very loudly wherever I go. The worst part is actually the constant shining I can see out the corner of my eye. The best part is that I actually love it.

On a random note, I'm writing this on a 6 hr bus to Vancouver to distract myself from a very unnerving, cliff-y journey. To my right side right this second is death. There are two stoned girls at the back of the bus and I can't help but assume they've travelled this route before.

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