Monday, 1 October 2012

Love Affair Part 1

New York actually is the shiz. I get what all the fuss is about now, I mean the buildings are pretty big, the pizzas are damn good and do I even need to mention the Natural History Museum? Night At The Museum says it all I think.
So I'm on a bus driving away from New York with the skyline in perfect view and I would
happily get off and walk back with my $1 slice of pizza in mind. My entire body is aching from walking, my feet will never be the same but we done as much as physically possible in 3 days, topped off with a couple of pints of cider on a rooftop terrace. I can already feel the pizza turning to muscle. Yeeuh.
Y'all need to book your tickets pronto.
Like Toronto we came across places accidentally in New York too. On the first day we found Times Square, Dylan's Candy Bar, Central Park and the Natural History Museum among other things.
If you're ever interested in eating the best pizza of your life for 1 DOLLAR then go ahead and book yourself a flight to New York. You will not be dissapointed! Believe me when I tell you, you will not find anything to eat worth a dollar as good as these bubbling hot cheesy slices of heaven.
We visited the Natural History Museum on my orders and for me, the only thing that could have bettered it would have been if David Attenborough had taken us on a tour. In all seriousness I haven't spent a better $14 in my life!
See y'all in Part 2.

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