Friday, 5 October 2012

Iiiiin West Philadelphia....

It isn't half bonny here but don't be fooled by the pretty pictures...we're in Ganglands territory here. Now I know what you're thinking, she's from Scotland, she grew up in Riverside, nobody gon' dare bust a cap in he' ass, but I reckon this is real Ross Kemp kinda stuff fo'sho.
 {I actually considered joining the Hells Angels but my mum's partner is in a rival outlaw gang with his 2 friends in Scotland so that would be awkward.}
It's safe during the day, full of loved up tourists and too many scrawny boys thinking they're Sylvester Stallone. The weather was great and it was cool to just wander about. All I'm saying is get your dinner before sunset. Infact lets make that a rule.
  Philly rule no. 1. Get your dinner before sunset and get the hell back to your hotel room.
Philly rule no. 2. Have a Philly cheese steak, savour every bite and eat till your little fat-encased heart's content then... burn it off running back to your hotel room.
Philly is really beautiful though. Old and beautiful and drowning in history. What more could you want! We loved it here.

 Mmhmm you know it guurl.

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