Wednesday, 3 July 2013

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.

I did NOT start my 24th birthday with a vomit, a shower and a bagel. I did NOT cry last night. I did NOT shneck a tattooed stranger in a Slayer t-shirt. I did NOT get rejected by a moustached Glaswegian catholic Rangers supporter wearing a Rangers t-shirt because of a small miscommunication that started as "So, when you goin' home?". I did NOT let everyone at work believe I was a fresh 19.
wink wink. 
We took too many selfies in the bathrooms,
I got bought drinks all night at The Cambie...
...even ones I didn't want
I got presents and food at Warehouse and danced at The Met. What more could I ask for!

Somebody asked me on Sunday  what my best year to date has been and I honestly think it's been this one. Not because there's been less sadness  because there's been a lot of sadness this past year but because I have laughed uncontrollably, till I can't inhale anymore, on nearly a daily basis, I have experienced some crazy things, ticked soo many things off my bucket list, and made some genuinely incredible friends, I have zero regrets.

happy belated Canada Day!!

I picked vodka up from the liquor store on my break and sneaked it upstairs into my locker without anyone seeing and lucky I did because the streets were scary when I left work. People really love Canada. They also love synchronised police on motorbikes. I'm sure that's what they're called. It was smokin' hot outside which made for a sweaty ride on the skytrain.

We watched the fireworks downtown at Coal Harbour and then made our way to sunset beach on the opposite side of downtown to go swimming. I stupidly told them I'd never swam in the sea. My mistake. I was definitely peer-pressured into it but it did look fun I suppose. Very soon we were skinny-dipping in the killer whale infested pacific ocean with no nets or rocks to save us. But I swam in the ocean, no-feet touching, choking on salt water, sitting on a buoy, handstands on the bottom, full on swimming. Thank you very much.

I actually haven't swam since I was 18 in Florida with my mum and brother. Weird huh.

(photo- VanCityBuzz)