Sunday, 30 September 2012

Goodbye Toronto

Another late post...

The Canadiana bacpackers inn has changed my opinion on hostels so I'm hoping the rest match up to it. You can give me all the clean beds in the world but if there's no free pancakes in the morning, I'm not interested.
Its been ca-razy hot weather here so we've done a lot of walking around and discovered places accidentally. China town isn't worth the hype, neither is little Italy but both kensingston and St Lawrence markets are definitely worth a look around. We spent a lot of our time at the urban beach overlooking the harbour and creeping on shirtless men so check that out fo' sho!
I had a panic attack in the CN Tower elevator but I'd still say take a valium and DO IT. Unfortunately I never had the luxury.
Bye Bye

best tour ever

So this post is a bit late but I'd written it so I may as well publish it. 

I hadn't slept a wink, my alarm never went off, my camera battery ran out at lunch time and it was a 12 hour day out but Niagara falls, Alex the bus driver and finding irn bru made up for it.

If you're ever in Toronto, ask if Alex will be taking the Niagara tour (the 'other Alex' not the gay one, apparently). I kid you not, he will make your trip. If you thought you were educated before this trip, you just wait. His enthusiasm done it for me, bless him, I almost boo'd when he said he was going off mike and it was nap time. I thought this trip deserved it's own post.
 We went to Niagara on the lake which is this overpriced little town on the opposite side of Lake Ontario with redeeming views of Toronto.
 It also has a spectacular little shop with all things british so obviously we popped in, not knowing that right at the back, in the corner, lurking on the bottom shelf, under a layer of dust, would be a can of Irn Bru. Magic. I'm saving it for a rainy day on which I will drink my can of orangey goodness while listening to Westlife on repeat.

I frickin love Toronto.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So, we're sitting in this cafe in old town Montreal having a lovely time and Paula asks if she can check her emails, y'know, to see if her dad's replied. She comes across our hostel reminder for New York and much to our surprise we're supposed to be on a bus leaving from Ottawa in 4 HOURS!!! 2 hours away!!! So here I am on a bus back to Ottawa, made it with 5 minutes to spare. Pheew.
Paula's currently murdering 'Stop the bus I need a wee wee'.
Rest assured Peyt's back in charge!

Anyways, I'm assuming Montreal is more of a nightlife kinda place, we didn't find much to do. If you want daytime parisian cool, you're better off going to Paris. Old Town was nice for a walk around but all the museums are expensive. We sneaked a peak at the Notre Dame from the exit though, looked awrite!
Maybe my love affair with Toronto is clouding my vision.
Can't wait to get my click on in the BIG APPLE babeh!

Crazy town

Now, Im Scottish so as you can imagine I've seen my fair share of crazy so when I tell you Ottawa is scary, believe me it's frickin scary. If you'd like a better image of what Ottawa's really all about, imagine a combination of 28 Days Later and The Day The Earth Stood Still set in Glasgow.
There aren't any photos for this post because it literally is that s**t here.
Moral of the story? Don't be fooled by Google Images.
Lucky for us, we're both funny as hell.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Say Whuut

So, I've got this travelling thing down. Day 4 I'd already had my first nap, free BBQ, cider and a bottle of wine, after a day getting my tan on. 
My attitude's coming on leaps and bounds, there's been a lot of "say whuut?" and "y'all"s flying about but I'm still working on my accent. 
Joking aside we've been pre-tty cultural, we've made drinking friends with an Irish, a kiwi, a German, 2 Canadians, 2 french and a Brazilian. If that's not cultured, I don't know what is.
Toronto International Film Festival is on here so we've spent a fair chunk of our time here prowling the streets for Bradley Cooper and consequently found ourselves in Kensington Market, Chinatown, St Lawrence Market and at the top of the CN Tower. The latter I was less than comfortable with.
We didn't find Bradley but we did find Christopher Walken (not the silver fox we were hoping for but he'll do)!

Yesterday we discovered a place called Lou Dawgs, pictures still to come! We also made friends with a couple from Vancouver Island so we've been invited to hang out with them when we arrive on the island and they're going to show us the way around. Rick's a massive fan of David Attenborough so we'll be in good hands! My kinda people!

Monday, 10 September 2012

we're here!

Well our first day was pretty eventful and jetlagged but we got here alive so that's a start. I won't bore you with all the boring details of flights and stuff but just for the record my ears still aren't normal and the canadian visa lady at customs really liked our jokes and my jumper.

P.s I've seen at least a thousand potential supermodels. If you're reading this tyra...get on it.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Perfect beginning...

If you're ever interested in having the funnest girls weekend of YOUR LIFE, then I highly recommend you book a ticket to the Highlands. In particular Lagganlia Lodges.
Say hello to drinking games, midnight jammy jogs, ghost stories and 4am bed chat.
I swear I've never laughed more.
I was laughing in my sleep.


Asides from my weekend away, I've had the best week! In between shopping, drunkness and general being out-ness, my family threw me a surprise party on Friday yeaauuh. Lucky bitch. I was too shaky to get any photos though :(

ho-lyyy mumma.