Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Say Whuut

So, I've got this travelling thing down. Day 4 I'd already had my first nap, free BBQ, cider and a bottle of wine, after a day getting my tan on. 
My attitude's coming on leaps and bounds, there's been a lot of "say whuut?" and "y'all"s flying about but I'm still working on my accent. 
Joking aside we've been pre-tty cultural, we've made drinking friends with an Irish, a kiwi, a German, 2 Canadians, 2 french and a Brazilian. If that's not cultured, I don't know what is.
Toronto International Film Festival is on here so we've spent a fair chunk of our time here prowling the streets for Bradley Cooper and consequently found ourselves in Kensington Market, Chinatown, St Lawrence Market and at the top of the CN Tower. The latter I was less than comfortable with.
We didn't find Bradley but we did find Christopher Walken (not the silver fox we were hoping for but he'll do)!

Yesterday we discovered a place called Lou Dawgs, pictures still to come! We also made friends with a couple from Vancouver Island so we've been invited to hang out with them when we arrive on the island and they're going to show us the way around. Rick's a massive fan of David Attenborough so we'll be in good hands! My kinda people!

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