Sunday, 13 January 2013

sort your life out (part 2)

I think people assumed I had some sort of plan when I decided to come here, a plan for when I got here, a plan of where we were going and maybe a plan for when I got back. Like what I'm gonna do with my life when I return to Scotland. Well I got news for ya folks, I've no such plan. Whatsoever.
I think I'm supposed to be "finding myself" right now. Whatever that means.
"journey of self-discovery" WHAT!!! Clearly there's some sort of key ingredient to this that has been withheld from me 'cause there ain't no self-discovery going on on W 11th Avenue. Not unless I will find myself at the bottom of this bottle of rose?
HOWEVER. This thing has happened and I'm not sure what it means yet, but I think it means I'm headed in the right direction and that itself is a cause for celebration. And it is that I don't dread work tomorrow. In all my days who'd have thought it eh! A meat grinder. I'm not gonna get too smug about it because I wouldn't go as far to say I enjoy it because after all it's work and me, so maybe it's the people. This is a very confusing feeling. I'm completely new to this concept. Enjoy work? "IMPOSSIBLE" I once would have roared. Not now, gosh.

david attenborough eat yer heart out

Vancouver has decided to stop raining, at least for a few days, and has been replaced by fog.
"Ugh" I hear you drone. But fog in Vancouver is no such "ugh" at all. Here it sits just at the right height so that the mountains peak out at the top and the beaches, the sea, Stanley Park and the downtown skyline are still visible at the bottom. This right here makes for a bloody mint bus journey to work. It's all very mysterious-looking.
Rain, you are not wanted here. On this day off from work I got my exercise on and went for a quick 16k up the coast {or at least it would've been quick 4 months ago but now my muscle has wasted away} and took my camera along just in case. WELL. Glad I did. I stopped at Jericho beach, not for a cigarette because I don't smoke anymore, and there was a seal in the water so I sat on a log and watched it for a while. Further up the coast I seen 2 Bald eagles flying past and a further 5 juvenile-looking eagles on a tree. WHOA I know! David Attenborough eat yer heart out.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

charlie on a homeless man's guitar

In the last 24 hours I've tricked another Aussie into believing I'm a fellow Aussie, watched another Aussie snort a line of coke off a homeless man's guitar, patted my friend's back as she vomited over the bus stop and my shoes, lost my passport and my bag and my journal at a beach, found my passport, my bag and my journal, had a Mcdonalds, a bowl of bacon poutine and a bowl of cheesy pasta, smashed my head off a bus stop, was bought and cooked dinner, went for a New Years day walk to the beach and watched the sun set, laughed non-stop and drank my body weight in rose wine and tequila and finished the day off with a scalding bath and a gid book. Start the year as you mean to go on and all that jazz. If the last 24 hours is anything to go by, then {with fear of sounding too cheesy} I can't wait for the rest of 2013.