Sunday, 13 January 2013

david attenborough eat yer heart out

Vancouver has decided to stop raining, at least for a few days, and has been replaced by fog.
"Ugh" I hear you drone. But fog in Vancouver is no such "ugh" at all. Here it sits just at the right height so that the mountains peak out at the top and the beaches, the sea, Stanley Park and the downtown skyline are still visible at the bottom. This right here makes for a bloody mint bus journey to work. It's all very mysterious-looking.
Rain, you are not wanted here. On this day off from work I got my exercise on and went for a quick 16k up the coast {or at least it would've been quick 4 months ago but now my muscle has wasted away} and took my camera along just in case. WELL. Glad I did. I stopped at Jericho beach, not for a cigarette because I don't smoke anymore, and there was a seal in the water so I sat on a log and watched it for a while. Further up the coast I seen 2 Bald eagles flying past and a further 5 juvenile-looking eagles on a tree. WHOA I know! David Attenborough eat yer heart out.

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