Sunday, 13 January 2013

sort your life out (part 2)

I think people assumed I had some sort of plan when I decided to come here, a plan for when I got here, a plan of where we were going and maybe a plan for when I got back. Like what I'm gonna do with my life when I return to Scotland. Well I got news for ya folks, I've no such plan. Whatsoever.
I think I'm supposed to be "finding myself" right now. Whatever that means.
"journey of self-discovery" WHAT!!! Clearly there's some sort of key ingredient to this that has been withheld from me 'cause there ain't no self-discovery going on on W 11th Avenue. Not unless I will find myself at the bottom of this bottle of rose?
HOWEVER. This thing has happened and I'm not sure what it means yet, but I think it means I'm headed in the right direction and that itself is a cause for celebration. And it is that I don't dread work tomorrow. In all my days who'd have thought it eh! A meat grinder. I'm not gonna get too smug about it because I wouldn't go as far to say I enjoy it because after all it's work and me, so maybe it's the people. This is a very confusing feeling. I'm completely new to this concept. Enjoy work? "IMPOSSIBLE" I once would have roared. Not now, gosh.

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