Monday, 21 March 2016


Flying on a Friday, after work, sucks. But hey, that's the kind of sacrifice I'm willing to make for my friends. Graham flew in from Barcelona, Amy from Aberdeen and I from Edinburgh to see our Eils who is currently living in London, for our annual meet. Last year Barcelona, this year London, where to next?! All the feels!!

I've maintained for years that I hate London after a school trip when I was 13 but I was pleasantly surprised this time around. No uninspiring tours of the BBC studios or overpriced ride on the London Eye. Just some great food, theatre, walks and friends. 
I arrived pretty late on Friday evening and naturally I was hungry (always) so we went for burgers at Byron Burger and took a walk around Covent Garden before heading to our home for a nice little snooze.

We had a super lazy morning the next day and headed out for coffee on our way to see CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!! at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. woooooooow. It was incredible. You can't even imagine. We strolled around...Piccadilly Circus, Downing St., Leicester Square, Horse Guards Parade, Westminster, Big Ben, Tottenham Court Road (Harry Potter anyone!!) and then back home for warmth and some yummy Nepalese grub. We stayed in because it's good to be lazy sometimes, right? 

Notting Hill for lunch, the burrito of all burritos at Whole Foods, on Sunday and a walk through Kensington Gardens before we said our goodbyes and we headed off to the airport. Big sad face. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Oh hi! Long time no see. Well first thing's first...I know this page has been a tad bare but it's been all work and (hardly any) play recently. I've taken a few trips over the last two years and I will post about them soon.
However, I'M BACK! Yay!
My life has been going through some changes, some sad and some liberating, and in the midst of it all I booked a one way ticket Vietnam. Alone. No it's OK, I'm fine, Really I am. So if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them! 

Here are some photos from my weekend break to Amsterdam in 2014 for you all to pine over on this miserable Sunday night...

Barcelona Round 2

{squad goals}
{Above is the beautiful beach at Sitges, which is roughly 30 minutes on the train from Barcelona}

It pays to have great friends in great places I tell ya! If I could sum up this second trip to Barcelona in one word it would definitely be Sweaty. Walking around in 28 degress, imagine the chafing! We had the best time though! If you're heading there, the Olympic pool, Kiosko Burger and a trip to Sitges are well worth your time. Let me know what your top 3 recommendations are!