Sunday, 30 September 2012

best tour ever

So this post is a bit late but I'd written it so I may as well publish it. 

I hadn't slept a wink, my alarm never went off, my camera battery ran out at lunch time and it was a 12 hour day out but Niagara falls, Alex the bus driver and finding irn bru made up for it.

If you're ever in Toronto, ask if Alex will be taking the Niagara tour (the 'other Alex' not the gay one, apparently). I kid you not, he will make your trip. If you thought you were educated before this trip, you just wait. His enthusiasm done it for me, bless him, I almost boo'd when he said he was going off mike and it was nap time. I thought this trip deserved it's own post.
 We went to Niagara on the lake which is this overpriced little town on the opposite side of Lake Ontario with redeeming views of Toronto.
 It also has a spectacular little shop with all things british so obviously we popped in, not knowing that right at the back, in the corner, lurking on the bottom shelf, under a layer of dust, would be a can of Irn Bru. Magic. I'm saving it for a rainy day on which I will drink my can of orangey goodness while listening to Westlife on repeat.

I frickin love Toronto.

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