Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Washington DC

Anyone who's been anywhere and fell in love with a place will know what I mean when I say there's been so many moments I just wanna bottle up and put on a shelf for later so I don't have to miss it. I visited the Lincoln Memorial the other day{something that's always been on my bucket list but wasn't sure why} and sat there on my own for over an hour, camera in bag. I only sat down because the humidity was making me melt so I sat in between the columns and watched for a while. 
I noticed how quickly people arrive, take photos then leave again and wondered how many of them experienced their whole trip through their viewfinder.
You just wanna slap someone and say "Si'doon, calm doon and think about where ye are for a second. Christ almighty."

These two bros are Vietnam war veterans who came in a group all wearing red shirts and called each other "buddy".

I know.

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