Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Are these Mitt Romney badges for sale yet?

Pretty pleased with what we accomplished in a day in DC...the entire Mall thank you very much! In the kind of humidity where you look like it's been raining. 
You'll need just over an hour for the Archives to look around the whole thing which you should because it's really interesting even if it's just to watch the photo slides of presidents as children...Obama as a baby, guys!
 If you {like me} love to people-watch then the Lincoln Memorial is the happnin place. Sit back and enjoy! Abe Lincoln's pretty cool company too. I walked the entire Mall from the White House corner all the way round and if you like squirrels then you're gonna die. They've been trained or something.
{see that lady in the buggy, she spent the day photo-bombing my pictures}
 {and that's what you get for buying Jingsai shoes. China town's finest}

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