Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What to do when you work part-time or less.

I understand that some people may spend their time differently and I am in no way condoning procrastination, laziness or vanity but sometimes laziness is more fun than actually doing something productive.
Say whutt!
I know most of you check in to see lovely photos of my travels and stuff so if that's what you're here to do, look away now.

SO, what I sometimes like to do is get my camera out. Today I purposely tried to take a photo of my forehead to see how other people see it {photos never lie and all that} and my forehead is definitely a 5-HEAD. What  I also realised is I'm a fairly talented liquid-eyeliner-applier. Life's little surprises.

What I also find myself doing, is spending obscene amounts of time in front of the mirror playing with my hair or my makeup. Today I discovered a freckle on my left ear that I hadn't noticed in 23 years! It's really noticeable now I know it's there.

After putting your hair in pleats {because it was my most stylish childhood hairdo and I have no belongings so really there's not much else you can do} take photos of yourself. The key to posting these is to add some sort of Instagram-y effect so that you look much better and NOTHING like the real you.

  Eat chocolates at midnight just 'cause you can. I found this Roger's Eggnog chocolate on my pillow tonight when I came in from a tiresome 4hour shift at the meat counter, bless. I wonder if she'd appreciate it if I returned the favour with a foot long lobster tail on her pillow.

Stay in your pyjamas ALL day just 'cause you can.
Until you get hungry...

But how do you get to the supermarket when you can't afford a car? Buy a bike. SPEND SPEND SPEND that's what I say! This red lady was $150 dollars including a solid lock and including tax. The guy actually took the price of the bike down from $129 to $100.

The only thing left to do is cook. I made my speciality, Potato Wazzies, a firm favourite in the Peyton household.  A drool inducing combination of potatoes, double cream, cheese, red onion and garlic.

The saddest part about this post is that I genuinely was taking photos of my forehead. Lets all cross our fingers and hope that I get some more hours at work.


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