Friday, 9 November 2012

Dude...You Smell Really Bad.

{First day at school photo}

If you read my last post you'll know what the machine did to my shoes,so today we took the SKYTRAIN {!!!!} to Metrotown to buy some new black shoes for the SWAP Job Fair tomorrow. The place is roughly the size of Wales but we made it to two shops and Nandos.
I also treated myself to some funky new trainers because I'm gon' start running y'all. Running in quotation marks if y'know what I mean.
We've been out walking around the city the last two nights so we tested my trainers again tonight with a walk along the west side downtown harbour. Last night we bumped into a skunk. An actual SKUNK!!!! Like, I knew they existed but they actually do!!! And what a guy he was, casually strutting around the city, spraying his stuff. They smell reeally bad. I didn't get a decent photo because I didn't want to smell bad at the job fair. Does anyone know if they're common? Because we've been walking around like one's going to back up on us with his tiny smelly butt at any moment. I wonder if David Attenborough's ever been in that kind of life threatening situation.

Ok, I'm adding this in because you're never going to believe what I just found on my camera...yea that's right, wee man skunk doing his thang. I know it's not a great shot but take into account the excitement/fear that surrounded this photo.

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