Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I'm not sure whether I should admit this but I'm gonna go ahead and tell you anyway. I've watched 4 and a half hours of presidential debates and I loved it. I love Obama. I'm a travelling nerd.
Besides the fact that Obama is a total lad, his policies should ring clear to anyone who values education, equal rights and a decent healthcare system.
Mitt Romney is a lunatic who believes in money and magic pants. Agree or disagree everyone should vote and if you're not American, everyone should care. If I was American I'd be vomiting right now.
So with all this patriotic America's-the-greatest-nation chat everywhere, it made me think about what I miss from Scotland. So without further ado, here is my list of things I miss about home...

1. CHEESE. We can't afford cheese unless it's on a burger or cream cheese on a bagel at Tim Hortons. It's like $5 a bite here. At home if worst comes to worst you can always get your Tesco's own brand cheddar fix for £3.
2. Tesco. Ah dunno, it's just not the same here. I can't find $1 frozen meals or $1 pasta sauces anywhere. I miss Dolmio and Heinz and Birdseye.
3. Low-end high street stores. In Britain you've got Next, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Primark, Miss Selfridge and the list goes on. Here, there's H&M. I just put my only interview-safe shoes in a commercial-use washing machine and they aren't shoes anymore so I need a Primark desperately. Damn Canadians and their lack of want for the cheap and nasty.
4. Baths. I know Canada has baths because I'm not that stupid but I've been living in hostels for 9 weeks which completely justifies my missing them.
5. Haggis and mashed potato.
6. Simple maths skills. There is nothing more awkward than catching someone's eye as you're sat on the loo. I can't tell you how many times this has happened but once is too many times. What's difficult in measuring a door? Another reason you should vote Obama by the anyone?

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