Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Serious Face.

Euugh so aren't job hunting and flat hunting the most soul destroying processes in the universe? YES!! Ok so I've only viewed one apartment and been to one interview but I'm already having a nervous breakdown!
I've been in the same job for 5 years for which my interview was pr-etty informal, informal enough that I wore my school uniform complete with blazer and gross school hair.
The interview went alright I think, coming from me I suppose that doesn't mean much though, right? I say alright because at the end he gave me an interview preparation guide. I'm not sure if he was hinting. I've been given a 'home test' to do so they can check whether I've lied on my resume and I've literally been staring at the Go To link for around half an hour now. I've never been good at tests, that's why I failed my English Textual Analysis exam 5 times. My English is just fine thank you very much. I'm a woman, I don't like being wrong so I don't like tests. I feel like I've been transported back to 15 except I'm wearing a fancy dress and I'm not sporting a cut-it-yourself fringe or jet black hair dye.
Our first viewing was a one bed 3rd floor apartment in Kitsilano, 2 blocks from the beach and with a smashing view of the Downtown Vancouver skyline. And a balcony. We've not taken it yet because we're boring grown ups now and don't want to rush into anything. Give it another week in the Cambie though and the grown ups will go out the window. We walked back to our hostel over the bridge because we found ourselves already on it looking for an ATM. What a view! I think I'll go back when we're less hungry.

On a brighter note...there's an extremely high possibility we're going on a road trip to Whistler this week, amen to that sistahs! Dorito time! I don't think the other girls will appreciate the epic-ness of our Rod Stewart playlist though.

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