Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Today I'm supposed to be sorting out my room, and looking up how to get a friggin' US visa but as you can see I've failed and chose to gawk at pretty pictures instead.

{photos from pinterest}

I've never done a winter sport in my life but  I would liken skiing to cycling down a steep hill with no brakes (something I do quite regularly but only to see how far I can get before I hit the brakes, and also because I don't want to be outdone by my crazy mother).
'Skiing' and 'death' are synonymous to me but part of travelling is trying things you've never tried before so never say never.

{photos from pinterest}

{The Deep South}Maybe I watch too much TV but when I think of the southern states I see flapper dresses and pearls and dancing and other pretty things. Although I'm fully aware that in reality people actually ride around on horses, run through corn fields, finish every sentence with "y'all" and 'Sweet Home Alabama' is played on repeat err-where.
 I hope my stereotypes are right because I have a couple plaid shirts I'd like to put to good use.


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