Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Legs of Steel

I love cyclists. Cyclists are so friendly, we all wave and say hello and warn each other of roadworks and slug invasions and hideous hills.
One man today actually stopped to warn me about an awkward tree {A TREE!!} and shouted "BE SAFE" when he cycled off.
I have a guardian angel that cycles.

When I was about 5, my family{all 6 of us, Von-Trapp style} went for a cycle along this 12 mile route in the middle of nowhere. We're all having a great time and then thunder and lightening happens.
Then my asthma happens. Nobody knew I had asthma so it came as a bit of a shock, no more so than to my {cute as hell} 5 year old self.
Anyways, this man turns up out of nowhere and happens to have an asthma inhaler, what a guy, saved my life and I've never seen him since!

I am SO so so excited to get to Vancouver and wap my cycling gear out and get on those separated bike lanes!
Can't wait for some of these.


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