Friday, 20 July 2012


About a year ago I discovered these ah-mazing online travel photography and travel writing courses by MatadorU {they're endorsed by NatGeo so you know they're the shiz}. Anyways, I decided against it and started saving for travelling instead, thinking I'd get more from travelling.
I didn't feel like I'd have the time to fully commit anyway.
Then I discovered they are also an independent travel publisher with constantly updated travel journalism with articles on everything to do with travelling, places, people, culture etc and an online community of networking travellers!
{They also write articles on things like drinking, food and the best places to party ;) yeuuh}

Well if you read my post yesterday you can only imagine my excitement when I found this article! And this one! Maybe I'll survive after all.

Should I pack two pairs or should I break the rules and maybe suffer the consequences?

In other news, I've been strictly ORDERED to watch Gone With The Wind before we jet off, NO excuses.  Don't know if it's worth it???
{Hyello Clark Gable ;)}


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