Thursday, 19 July 2012


I applied for my US VISA, ladies and gentleman {cue cheering and clapping}!!
Thank you very much.
One more cross on my ever-growing list of things to do before you go travelling!

Since this is our first time travelling we booked through a company called BUNAC {to ease the stress... like that helped} which specialise in student travel, working holidays, backpacking etc.
 They provide help before you go and once you're there, helping you get your bank account sorted, getting a job, accommodation and social events ;) They also offer extensive travel insurance policies specifically designed for backpackers, and group flights.
 We decided to book our own flights as the BUNAC flights were really expensive and leave from Gatwick or someplace in London. As you know we got ours for £288 through Air Transat!
 B***h is goo-hoood at finding bargains!
But anyways, they're really good for the money {so far} so if you're heading away you should
 check them out.

{photos from pinterest} 

Also, I've really been struggling recently with the concept of only taking two pairs of shoes away with me...
for a year.
I've looked on various websites and everyone says 'no more than two!' and that apparently includes sandals...WHAT?
So what you're telling me is, come rain or shine, 4 seasons, and a years worth of activities I can only wear either boots or flip flops?



  1. How very exciting!
    Oh man...I can't even imagine packing only 2 pairs of shoes. I go out of town for the weekend and I bring like 6!

  2. I'm glad someone agress! Think I'm gonna have to break some backpacking rules!


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