Saturday, 14 July 2012


{photos from pinterest}

We booked our flights from Glasgow to Toronto 10 weeks in advance with Air Transat for £288. For that price I couldn't care less if we're sardines. At 5ft 10 my height could be a small problem but what's a little leg and back ache gunna do.
I've not told Paula how economy economy is on Air Transat.
We also booked our first hostel :)...the Canadian Backpackers Inn. This will be one of few luxuries on our trip. Although it is a hostel so it'll be luxury in quotation marks {if ya know what I mean}.

The plan is to start in Toronto and head south...follow the weather as much as possible to Charleston. We ideally want to to avoid the chaos of full scale winter in NYC {as much as I'd love to see New York under snow}.
We'll see. After Charleston we'll fly north to Chicago and then again to the Rockies.
We don't really have a plan for the rest of the trip {just a rough route which starts in Toronto and ends in Vancouver} which makes me pre-tty apprehensive when I think about what could go wrong. EVERYTHING probably.
But I think that's also the most exciting part...we'll just see where life takes us :)

The best part about going to North America is that we don't need to learn a new language and spend good eating time miming out sentences to angry strangers. Or worse, talking in SLOW-motion.  I don't need to worry about jags either but visas are becoming the bane. of. my. life. Canadians apparently take security VERY seriously, I can't wait to cross a border :(



  1. love the photographs, lovely blog too
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  2. Sounds exciting!


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