Saturday, 16 November 2013

lipstick and nature

This is the story of 4 girls who go camping. Or rather 4 ladies who survived camping. 
Well first things first. We went camping on Vancouver Island. 4 girls, one car, a ferry, and a bear. 

6am and off we chugged in our car weighed down by clothes that we wouldn't wear and a tonne of food that we definitely would eat. Our ferry ride went quickly with the help of breakfast bagels and the unavoidable reenactment of a particular scene from a well known movie. 

que Celine Dion
We stopped off for mini nature adventures but had to leave because SOMEBODY fell in the river with their clothes on and had to get all naked in front of the car on a busy road with Abercrombie models going past in every 2nd car. 
Chelsey set up our tent. And the fire. Hannah, Tennille and I were very helpful, of course. We collected twigs and things...
and when we needed more firewood we went for ice cream in Tofino. 
We drank like hillbillies and ate smores and danced around the campfire.
Instead of going whale watching like originally planned we all agreed surfing would be more memorableSurfing.

There was definitely some girl bonding going on that weekend. No one showered for 3 days but we did go surfing so that counts, right? We listened to albums on repeat of Bonnie Tyler, Britney, and N'Sync,  Tennille gave us tarot readings and we ate our body weights in cheetos and veggie hotdogs. We snuggled up on the cold foggy beach for naps and attempted to tell ghost stories. I heard a bear outside the tent in the middle of the night and nobody believes me but they didn't hear it. 

It. Was. Amazing. 

I'll be frank with you, I've been having waaay too much fun so I haven't had the time to update you on my travels or lack of but better late than never hey! 

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