Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bad Decisions

Today we went on a hike along the river. The bears did cross our minds but why be sensible now? Today was a day full of bad decisions starting with a hike in the woods followed by sliding down an embankment to get a better look and eat our lunch. Later that day we seen two elk in a garden after taking a back road, nearer the woods, to buy drink eh. To end the day we went over to the Samesun Hostel ('cause it's just cooler) to win the quiz but we made the unfortunate decision to play a drinking game with a Swede. I told them I was skyping my mum in the morning but they just wouldn't listen.
^We tried walking to the Banff gondolas but we got lost here. 
So we went back to town and sensibly got the bus.
We got stuck up there for an hour while the storm calmed down. 

Louise x

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