Tuesday, 26 November 2013


So I had this goodbye party before I left and I drank a lot and cried a lot and had the best time.
It started off at Cafe Crepe on Granville St, with our own room and as the night went on it slowly whittled down to my best friends.
It was my last Saturday and I couldn't go home without going to The Cambie one last time.
So we did.
We all know by now that I LOVE a good beard and a tattoo so naturally I needed one last night in my weekend home and first actual home when I first got to Van.  
The Cambie is popular every night of the week because of the hostel upstairs but also, in my opinion, because of the number of beards and tattooed men that frequent there for the cheapest beer every Friday and Saturday night. If you don't like Irish accents then don't go. 

And in the all-knowing words of the spice girls 

"No no no no 
You know it's time to say goodbye 
No no no no"

Louise x

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