Thursday, 21 November 2013

Head down Elk St onto Beaver St and you're there.

Elk St, Beaver St, Cougar St, Lynx St, need I say any more. Welcome to Banff, STI capital of Canada, home to the evil 100mph snow, and human-chasing deer.
First of all I'd like to address the baby clothes, neither of us are pregnant nor do we want least that's what we keep telling ourselves but could you resist those tiny little Indian shoes? No. I'm definitely not a baby person. They scare the sh*t out of me but if I had one he would be called Charleston and he would only wear cowboy clothes.
So asides from baby talk we set out, braced for the cold, ready for bears, heading towards the Banff Gondolas. In true Peyton-Preston fashion we found ourselves walking unessessary lengths to get somewhere most people would just pay for a taxi, it's almost becoming a tradition of ours. This time we were headed in the wrong direction. I know what you're thinking and no my map skills did not fail me, the map was lying. Another 2km and a bus ride later we arrived to no queues and a clear sky. Of course it was just our luck that we'd been up there an hour and the blizzard started so we waited in the empty cafe and watched as the entirety of Banff was engulfed in mist then we braved the elements and caught the gondola back down to earth. Don't you just love the magic of a snowy day!
We went back to the hostel for mashed potatoes and to put our finest woolys on for a night out in Banff.

Louise x

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