Tuesday, 17 May 2016

the struggle is real

There's really not much to tell from the last week. I spent a week at the beach, or at least I tried, but fried myself on day 4 and couldn't go outside after that. Hot-footing it from restaurant to cafe to shop. It was all kinds of relaxing but not at night trying to sleep without any back part of my body touching anything. I drank one too many pitchers on my first night in Danang and had to add 3 days on to the trip because, apparently, I'm not a sprightly 21 year old anymore. PFFT. The struggle is real.
Up at 6.30am this morning to beat the heat and get to Ponagar Cham Towers which overlook Nha Trang. The Ponagar towers will look similar to the temples in the last post but this is on a much smaller scale and has already been restored. Entry worked out at 60pence. yuh.
And then I got a pedicure for 70pence.
Ladies and gents rejoice!

p.s I missed my bus this morning to Mui Ne because, you guessed it, I can't handle hangovers. The hostel receptionist came running into the dorm at an ungodly hour calling my name because there was a bus full of people waiting outside. I was able to muster a few sorrys before going back to sleep.


  1. Nice photos.
    Well, you will drink alcohol, which undermines all faculties and civilized behaviour. Enjoy yourself with less of it. More water drinking perhaps.:)


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