Friday, 6 May 2016


RIP pre-Vietnam immune system.
I'm still recovering from my, we'll just call it "travel sickness" but I've since been to Hue (pronounced Hway) and now in Hoi An. I probably would've stayed in Hue a little longer but I really needed to feel the ocean breeze on my sweaty ill face y'know? I'm putting the exorcist episode down to my malaria tablets which my mum is warning me to keep taking. Yes I'm in Vietnam and she may be very far away in Scotland but if you knew my mum. Well. It was my last tablet anyway last night and I can already feel my organs high-fiving. 
I'm still waiting on a panic-stricken email from my dad but he seems to be containing himself. 
I plan on doing a cooking class in the next couple of days and heading to the beach but for now I'm heading out to have some dresses tailored. Check me dipping my big toe in the life of luxury!

Happy Friday folks!!!


  1. Does the air smell of fruit and vegetable salads as you approach and pass the stalls? xxxxxxx

  2. Not really because there's so many different smells from all the street food being cooked and all the other stalls selling meat and fish. I get a fresh banana, pineapple and mango smoothie every day though and it only costs me £1. XXXX

  3. What are mums for, Louise? Lol. Glad you're feeling better. Photos are amazing! Xxx

  4. jealous is an understatement !!

  5. jealous is an understatement !!


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