Friday, 27 May 2016

Don't stay in the jungle if you don't like spiders.

We embarked on a 1 night/ 2 day Mekong Delta tour, including a homestay, a couple of days ago. No reception or internet for 2 days and snakes and spiders a plenty. We spent the first day boating around the mangroves, cycling and generally sweating buckets 'cause they don't have air-con in the jungle! 4 of us were separated from the rest of the group to go to our local host's home for the night which was interesting. We were told we would have dinner with the family and get to know some local traditions but in reality, we were left alone. In the jungle. We slept in wooden huts, our nets had holes and our mattress wouldn't allow us to tuck the net under. I showered with 3 lizard cutie-pies but that's an adventure, right? Safe to say I didn't sleep. 
Up at 5am. Our host took us on a walk through the fields to show us where he works, then back to the huts for breakfast. Due to the language barrier, I hadn't been prepared for climbing branches across rivers or slugging through long grass. Like, does no one else know that snakes live in fields? Do they not care?! It was an incredible sunrise though. 

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