Sunday, 17 April 2016

24 Hours in Hanoi

I took photos all morning today before I sat to look through them to have my camera tell me there was no card in it. I don't know whyyyy it wasn't in there. What a bloomin idiot. I also got spectacularly lost which was especially upsetting because I've always prided myself on my inner map of the world. Something of a quiet talent. Hanoi, you beat me. 
I found a secret cafe, a little hidden treasure that looks out onto Hoan Kiem Lake and it was perfect timing as the sun was setting and I'd just un-lost myself. You have to navigate through a silk shop, a set of regular steps and then 2 floors of a steel spiral staircase. Traumatic for those of you with vertigo. Ahem. 
Louise 1-1 Hanoi. 
Then it was eating time. My mum reckons I need to be told to eat to keep my strength up. I don't know who she thinks she's talking to! I found a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant called Cai Mam and made a friend in the waiter who told me that Scotland were "bad to vote no" and that I should eat more (kindred spirits I think!). 
I'm off to Halong Bay tomorrow morning on a junk-boat cruise. It's been top of my bucket list for a very very long time so here's hoping it lives up to my expectations! 

Happy Monday, folks!

And some more from Bangkok...

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