Friday, 6 December 2013

31 things travel has taught me

1) It makes you appreciate your own country a lot more. I personally appreciated Sky TV, cheese, high street shops, real nice bread, Its great selection of crisps, its selection of cheap rose wine, cheap alcohol altogether, actually. 

2) And sometimes makes you hate it and think it's useless at everything. everything that isn't mentioned above but mainly the transport system because it's total balls. 

3)Gives you a new found liking towards your siblings. 

4) It's a lot easier to be yourself when you're completely new and there are no preconceived ideas about who you are. 

5) Beaches are ace. Hated them till I realised I tan waaaay better when there's a refreshing breeze on my face. 

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6) Attractive men congregate in the cities. 

7) To absolutely not judge people on their nationality and stereotype. Germans are amazing, generous, crazy fun, sweet, hilarious friends and they say things like "womit wan"

8) If you can't get your backpack on yourself, you're carrying way too much shit. If you're not sure whether you'll need it, you don't need it. 

9) To not put expensive underwear in large inexpensive hostel washing machines. 

10) Tattoos are the best souvenirs and they last a lifetime. Doing them yourself is a pre-tty special memory too. 

11) You have absolutely no excuse to be bored!!!!! Go for a walk or a free museum or sit somewhere and people watch or something. 

12) The people you meet become more important than the destination.

13) Meeting fellow travellers can be the best and drunkest fun but befriending locals is the way to really settle in somewhere and discover places you wouldn't otherwise have visited. 

14) Eat lots of veggie sushi. It's deep fried vegetables! And don't rub your sticks together, it's rude. Apparently. 

15) Get a credit card and forget about it until you need it. Some places only take credit cards and they're brilliant for buying flights and stuff but make sure your bank knows where you are so you can use it and DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT take it on a night out because you will  spend 200 dollars on expensive drinks that you can't afford. 

16) Skinny dipping in the middle of the night is really fun.

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17) Don't do anything or go anywhere you don't want to go. Trust your instincts and stand by them.

18) Travelling is scary and airport stopovers are really stressful but I swear it's totally worth it. Always make sure you have cash with you for some fruit and a coffee and stay away from bloaty foods on long haul adventures no matter how much you want them. 

19) Buses are my favourite way to travel because you see everything and it's kinda relaxing being stuck on one for hours and there's no turbulence or ear popping either. I'm an expert at bus sleeping now. On a 20 hour bus ride from New York to Charleston it was entertaining watching how different the people were getting on and off the further south we went. 

20) As a general life rule: Bring snacks.

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21) Surfing is harder than you think and it's even harder to look glamorous while you're doing it. Lipstick or not. Despite my best efforts I definitely looked more like a sealion than a Victoria's Secret model. And that's why the photos will remain secret. 

22) Take as many photos as you can but don't spend your entire time looking through the viewfinder. You don't want your memories to be of shutter speeds and aperture. 

23) Watch as many sunsets as possible. They never get old. And if you can do it with a beer in hand and an Irishman beside you, charming you with his Irish ways then high five to you!

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24) To be unapologetic about being yourself. 

25) To allow yourself enough time in places. Even if you don't think it's somewhere worth spending a lot of time. It may surprise you. There's nothing worse than being rushed and there's something very nice about lazily exploring places. I made that mistake in Washington DC and it turned out to be my favourite place in the US. 

26) Don't get too comfortable. Time goes way too quickly. 

27) That you can eat donuts and pizza till your little heart's content but you can still go home 3 stone lighter.


28) I think it's easy to think you've made a big impression on someones life but in reality you're just passing through. It's their real life and you're just a number of people who passes through it, especially locals. You might remember Marco that worked in you're favourite restaurant that you frequented every day for 4 days but chances are he wont remember you and that's OK.

29) There are no lights on in Australia. You will meet tons of them and you should. Aussies don't go home because they're infecting the world with booze and happiness and. That. Accent.

30) It's all character building and I'm a better person for it.

31) Travelling definitely does NOT get it out of your system. Since being home I've spent endless amounts of time researching my next trip or planning how much I'm going to save and where I'm going to go and what I'll do differently. 

Louise x

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