Sunday, 1 December 2013

Go Your Own Way

They say that your mind processes around 15,000 images every day {don't quote me on that}. In the Rockies, every one of them is a postcard.
I'm not sure if it was mist or snow that had descended on the mountains but either way it looked like an Albert Bierstadt painting. I really can't describe the Rockies without diminishing their quality and my photos don't do them justice. I don't know if I've ever seen anything as beautiful. Most of the time I'm standing with my jaw on the floor or wishing I was on the bus longer but I suppose that'd leave less time for adventure.
The best part of the journey for me was watching the little old man's face opposite me as he saw everything for the first time...priceless. There's nothing sweeter than someone who is truly fascinated by where they are, especially when they're frail and cute. I hope I still love life at that age.
Seriously though, like, it's actually amazing!

Ps. I listened to Fleetwood Mac the whole 3 hours and it was epic. Just a little tip for ya!

Louise x

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