Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A REAL SUMMER (edited)

Vancouver still hasn't shaken off the last remnants of spring but everyone assures me summer is on its way whether it's now or a late summer in August, frankly I couldn't care less as long as I can go home not looking like I've just been hiding in Glasgow for 12 months.

taking creepy photos of my friends
posing with the poser of all posers on my birthday

Last night I sat with friends on the art gallery steps watching people breakdance on the ice rink below until there was just one guy left, just his silhouette dancing on his own with his spindly legs and wooly hat. We'd been shopping for my birthday outfit, had coffee, talked about beards and bald men at the waterfront at False Creek then had dinner at the veggie friendly Templeton restaurant come diner on Granville. And lemme tell ya...veggie hot dog with vegan chilli, melted cheese on a bun with fries is heaven on a plate. Did I mention I was vegetarian? 7 weeks on Monday. 2 dress sizes down I'm unsure whether it's the no-meat-diet or the work-drink-work lifestyle I've been living of late. Living up to the Scottish stereotype with a particular flare and very little finesse.

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