Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm crazy like that

I'm telling you right now packing for travelling is not fun. Take this as fact.
Packing for a  holiday is all like "Ooh how many pairs of heels can I fit in my suitcase? Will 6 bikinis be enough for a long weekend?".

Somebody tell me how I'm supposed to pack for 4 seasons in what I can only describe as a large schoolbag? I've spent the last week literally wrestling (and I'm not using that term loosely) with my rucksack. However, calm has decended and I have accepted that I will have to quarter my things.
Two pairs of denim shorts is overdoing it.

Asides from wrestling I've actually had an awesome weekend with some of my besties. I won't bore you with the details but I went out on Saturday. Like, out out, clubs and creepy men and getting in at 5am kinda out {HIGH 5!!!}.  Then I spent Sunday AND Monday with my 3 little possums eating and drinking ourselves into a food coma, in the sunshine, squished on a picnic blanket in pyjamas. Glorious. Still got a food baby.


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